Mystery Mayhem Escapes & Axe Throwing is a unique blend of entertainment, offering interactive escape room team-building games and axe-throwing experiences. Our exceptional team designs and builds every game with great detail for an engaging experience. We went to our first escape room experience in 2014 and were intrigued by the idea of creating our own.

We take pride in having the best escape rooms in Pennsylvania that will take anyone to the next level! Our popular axe-throwing games are an adventure sport that will create an awesome bonding time for any team!

We Offer Creative Escape Rooms Experiences

We have 3 different escape room team-building themes to choose from:

  • Alice’s Wonders Escape

The Queen has cruelly judged Alice for having a “diminutive head” to some regal edict. Sadly, her companions Hatter, Hare, and Mally are nowhere in sight as they had all gone on assignments for the White Queen.

This escape room was designed to appeal to those looking for a whimsical, puzzling experience. Plus, all the props were handmade to create an immersive atmosphere.

  • Casino Heist

Mystery Casino Royale, a nefarious underground casino, has been revealed from every city corner. Run by an uncaring mob boss shielded by public officials and government workers, nobody had ever dared to try to steal ‘the Boss’ until now.

This escape room stands out for its unique props, detailed story, and thrilling puzzles. It is perfect for those who want a true heist experience.

  • Mayhem At The Big Top

Once a renowned show of spectacle and marvel, Circus Mystique has seen its success dwindle with the odd conduct of Ring Leader Pee Wee Potts. Who was once an impeccable performer able to mesmerize spectators with his skill alone is now scarcely recognizable.

This last escape room provides a sense of mystery, suspense, and daring. The handmade props add to the overall atmosphere and create an immersive experience that can’t be beat.

Why Do We Stand Out From Other Escape Rooms In Pennsylvania?

  • Handcrafted escape rooms
  • We accommodate groups of even 35+ people
  • We offer gift certificates

Get The Most Thrilling Experience In Pennsylvania

Are you prepared to push yourself to the limit with the best escape rooms in Pennsylvania? Our incredible axe-throwing games await your visit!

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Our axe-throwing games and escape room team-building experiences are unmatchable in Pennsylvania. We strive to provide the Midwest’s most thrilling and awe-inspiring escape room experiences. You’ll not only be able to develop your problem-solving skills, but you’ll be able to bond with your friends, family, or colleagues.

You’ll never be paired with strangers, and all our post-covid safety measures are always in place. So come on over and let the games begin!