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Looking for an escape room in Slippery Rock, PA? Want to try a unique and exciting activity like axe throwing? We’ve got you covered. Mystery Mayhem Escapes is the premiere escape room and axe throwing destination of Western PA!

Escape Rooms

Have you ever wanted to be part of a movie, video game, or mystery novel? Immerse yourself into another time or place to survive a serial killer, jump into an enchanted fairy tale or take on a criminal persona for 60 minutes. You must use your wits, communication, teamwork, and out-of-the-box thinking to escape each room!

Team Building

Escape Rooms boast to being one of the best activities to promote team building for your office or team. Not only will they have a blast doing it, but communication and teamwork will significantly improve as well! What are you waiting for? Schedule your experience today!

Axe Throwing

Want to try the hottest new sport to sweep across the nation and throw some axes? Let us be the ones when you’re seeking axe throwing near me! Anyone can do it and we’ll show you how. We do have to warn you… You may become addicted!

Alice’s Wonderescape

Max Participants

8 players

Success Rate


Recommended Age


Alice needs your help! Once again she has found herself out of favor with the Queen. Something about “too small of a head” or some nonsense like that. Her regular companions are away on official business for the White Queen. So, Alice has summoned you and your friends, by way of the rabbit hole, to help her sneak into the castle and find the way back home…

Escape room in slippery rock PA

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Casino Heist

Max Participants

8 players

Success Rate


Recommended Age


Mystery Casino Royale, the city’s most notoriously corrupt underground casino has made quite a few enemies. Run by a ruthless mob boss whose operation is protected by crooked politicians and public officials. No one has ever tried to steal from “the Boss” and lived to tell about it. Until now…

Escaped here before?

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“We had a lot of fun! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for something new to try or for challenging escape rooms.”

– Marcy R.

“Had so much fun tonight! Started out by doing the one room and escaping so we ended up doing the butchers room next and escaped again. So much fun and can’t wait for new rooms! Will definitely be going back & highly recommend to anyone!”

– Kimberly J.

“My grandchildren and I and their mom had a great time! We learned that we have to listen to each voice – no matter how young!”

– Rosemary B.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re looking for things to do in Slippery Rock, PA, or something special for a date night idea, then you’ve found the perfect activity! Explore our room escape & adventures. Test your skills if you think you have what it takes to escape. Come visit our escape rooms or try our axe throwing today. You’re going to love it!