Mayhem At The Big Top



You only have 60 minutes.. Can you help recover the lost deed?

The once thriving Circus Mystique has seen staggering falling attendance numbers lately. Ring leader, Pee Wee Pott’s bizarre behavior lately has a lot to do with it. The world-renowned leader could masterfully entertain huge crowds with ease. Now, his short temper and recent string of accidents during performances has taken a toll on the show’s stellar reputation. Last week’s performance was so bad that several attendees were severely injured during a mishap involving several monkeys and the ring of fire. Finally, the authorities stepped in and shut the operation down. When they came back to arrest Potts the following day he was nowhere to be found. What they did find was a horrific scene. Every last performer was laying dead. Autopsies revealed they had all died from poisoning in their cups. Investigators concluded that Crazy Potts killed all his performers before skipping town, never to be seen again.

60 years later…. Eccentric millionaire, Octavia Winfield has everything she has ever wanted. Bored and looking for a new project, she comes across a piece of real estate owned by the state where Circus Mystique once operated decades ago. Ignoring the warnings and stories about the Circus being cursed from the horrific events that transpired there, Octavia snatches up the land with full intentions of reopening Circus Mystique and restoring it to its former glory. With plans and renovations soon to be underway, the overbearing government comes knocking and shuts down her project citing a list of regulations and ordinances. Not to be deterred, her lawyers find a loophole that a circus can be grandfathered in with an authentic deed. Ms. Winfield is thrilled. She remembers reading that Pee Wee Potts left in a hurry after killing all those people that he had left everything behind. The deed was never recovered, but perhaps it was hidden somewhere on the premises. The only problem is anybody that has gone through the gates has disappeared, never to be heard from again. That’s okay… she’ll offer a handsome reward for anyone who can find the deed for her. Surely there’s a group brave (or dumb) enough to risk their lives.

Room Infomation: $25/Person

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  60 Minutes

  Maximum 8 Players

  Recommended Players 4 - 6

  Success Rate 53%

  Recommended age 10+

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