Are you curious about escape rooms? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just about being a master problem solver. The reality is that they’re all about teamwork! Going in for the first time can be nerve-racking and maybe even a little scary, but remember – you’re not alone in this game!

The very essence of escape rooms requires collaboration and communication. In other words, the secret to success lies in how you work together. After all, playing alone would take all the fun out of it! Today we will help you with four expert tips to maximize your escape room experience.

The Ultimate 4 Escape Room Tips for Beginners

Tip 1: Pass The Information!

When you embark on a thrilling adventure in an escape room, you’ll quickly learn that communication is one of the keys to success. As everyone has unique skills and perspectives, every team member needs to communicate with each other to work together efficiently.

If you find a clue, make sure to inform the rest of your team. Someone else may have insights or knowledge that could connect to your newly found clue and help move things forward. 

Remember that no one has all the answers! And don’t be scared to reach out when you feel stuck – help is only a request away!

Tip 2: Think Outside The Box

Once you’re inside, every detail counts and should not be overlooked. You need to take a careful and thorough look at your surroundings. Everything – from the walls to furniture pieces, objects, or secret doors might be hiding vital hints that will lead you out of traps and onto victory!

Delve into the hidden corners of the room, examine every nook and cranny, and turn objects around to reveal their hidden secrets. You must open your mind and get creative, but if it’s not there,  don’t force it – you can lose precious time.

Tip 3: Do Not Bite Off More Than You Can Chew.

Delegate and succeed! A well-organized team that merges everyone’s strengths to their fullest potential is essential to completing the escape room challenge.

By assigning each team member specific tasks, everyone can focus on their role within the group, helping to maximize efficiency and minimize wasted time.

Tip 4: Don’t Forget To Ask For Hints!

While you and your team can be amazing problem solvers, keep in mind you can get stuck at any moment! Part of being a smart player is knowing when to ask for a hint at the right time. This allows you and your team to move forward with your quest and can often be the difference between success and failure. 

When faced with a seemingly unsolvable puzzle or locked door, it is always best you ask for a hint. Remember, each escape room has a different policy on giving hints, so make sure to find out how many hints you are allowed, and make sure to use them wisely!

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