At Mystery Mayhem Escapes & Axe Throwing, we know that immersion into our interactive escape rooms and axe-throwing experiences is crucial for guests to maximize their enjoyment and further build on the story within each game.

While vacationing in Florida with my friends, we tried our first escape room. We were immediately hooked on the thrilling, time-sensitive puzzle game. After having a few adventures behind us and a detailed business plan established, we knew it was time to dive into this captivating world of escape rooms. We proudly provide some of the best escape rooms in Pennsylvania. Our axe-throwing game is a unique experience you don’t want to miss!

What Can You Expect From Your Visit?

Creating that intricate level of immersion requires the thoughtful construction and crafting of ideas, characters, puzzles, and activities that draw players in without confusing them or pulling them away from the main narrative. 

It’s a delicate balancing act to ensure it’s engaging without overloading players with too much information or making it seem daunting yet unique by pushing the boundaries of what an immersive experience can be like. Through teamwork and dedication, we strive to ensure our guests have an unforgettable time with every visit!

We offer different Escape Room Team Building Levels

  • Alice’s Wonders Escape

According to the royal decree, the Queen had wrongfully judged Alice’s head size. Sadly, none of her comrades – Hatter, Hare, and Mally – were present to lend a helping hand as they all left on errands for the White Queen.

  • Casino Heist

Mystery Casino Royale, a feared underground casino known for its illicit activities, has earned the contempt of every person in town. Nobody is brave enough to challenge ‘the Boss’ and his powerful group of ruthless henchmen who have allies among politicians and public servants.

  • Mayhem At The Big Top

Circus Mystique was remarkable and captivating, but its success has plummeted due to the puzzling behavior of Ring Leader Pee Wee Potts. This one-of-a-kind talent had a knack for spellbinding spectators with his compelling acts until recently when he drastically changed into an unrecognizable version of himself.

We Host Different Events

Our escape room team-building and axe-throwing games are not only for those seeking a thrilling adventure! We also offer axe-throwing and escape room experiences for a variety of scenarios, such as:

  1. Birthday parties
  2. Corporate events
  3. Bachelor parties
  4. And more…

Let Your Inner Adventurer Set Sail At Mystery Mayhem Escapes & Axe Throwing!

If you’re looking for the best escape rooms in Pennsylvania,Mystery Mayhem Escapes & Axe Throwing is the place to be! We offer unique axe-throwing and handcrafted escape room experiences that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. We accommodate groups of 35+, so bring your family and friends to enjoy the ultimate adventure. Surprise someone close to you; we also offer gift certificates they’ll surely love! Whether you call or email us, our staff will happily discuss the consultation details and help arrange your visit. Don’t wait – get ready for an unforgettable adventure!