Activities like escape rooms and axe throwing are ideal if you want to break your everyday routine and do something out of the ordinary! At Mystery Mayhem Escapes & Axe Throwing, you will not only find the best escape room experience in Slippery Rock, PA, but we also offer our one-of-a-kind axe-throwing games.

We know that creating the best memories starts with the perfect atmosphere, so we strive to have the best escape room in Pennsylvania. Our first escape room experience in the summer of 2016, while holidaying with friends in Florida, instantly sparked an addiction to this thrilling and stimulating game. So you can trust that we put our heart and creativity into every experience!

What Can You Expect During Your Visit?

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For over 5 years now, we’ve been providing exciting ax-throwing experiences to more than 20,000 customers  In Slippery Rock, PA, and helping them escape daily with 15,000 successful games! With glowing reviews from our satisfied players numbering in the hundreds of five stars – experience it yourself!

During your visit, you’ll find:

Escape Room Games

We proudly offer the best escape rooms in Pennsylvania, full of mystery and surprises. You must work with your team to solve puzzles, find hidden objects and complete the mission within one hour. The puzzles you will encounter vary in difficulty and may include riddles, mathematical equations, or clues that require teamwork to solve.

Axe Throwing Games

Our axe-throwing game is designed around safety and accuracy, emphasizing having fun! Each person will have their lane with a target set at 10 feet. You’ll learn how to properly throw an axe and compete against each other in various axe-throwing games.

axe game - mystery mayhem

Come And Live The Mystery Mayhem Experience!

At Mystery Mayhem, we strive to have the perfect atmosphere for many different occasions, such as:

  • Team-Building Activities: Both axe-throwing and escape rooms team-building games require everyone to work together to succeed, allowing teams to understand each other better and how to work together.
  • Birthday Parties: Celebrating your special day with axe throwing or an escape room is like no other; we’ll ensure you have an unforgettable experience!
  • Corporate Events: With axe throwing, you can easily create friendly competition between your colleagues or reward them for their hard work with an escape room experience.

We guarantee that all of our activities are private – and we can accommodate groups of 35+ or more. Our visitors will never be paired with strangers; we offer gift certificates that make the perfect present for any occasion.

Get The Most Thrilling Experience In Slippery Rock, PA, Today!

At Mystery Mayhem Escapes & Axe Throwing,  In Slippery Rock, PA, we know going to the same places for the game night can get boring. And that going out of the ordinary is a great way to break away from your everyday routine and create amazing memories. So if you want the best experience, you can trust we’re the way to go!

Whether you’re looking for the best escape room team building or axe-throwing game, our commitment to providing the ultimate experience is unmatched! Don’t hesitate to book your visit or buy our gift certificates  In Slippery Rock, PA, today.

We look forward to seeing you soon!